Working hours

I-V: 10:00 – 20:00
VI-VII: closed


Surgical treatment is necessary in various situations, for example, when a skin lesion cannot be removed by laser. Additionally, surgical procedures are performed for ear pinning, drooping eyelids correction, and other surgical-reconstructive operations for both children and adults.

The following surgical procedures are performed at the Pošiūno Klinika:

  • Surgical removal of skin moles;
  • Surgical removal of benign skin and subcutaneous tissue tumours, cysts, lipomas;
  • Scar excision;
  • Upper eyelid plastic surgery;
  • Ear pinning correction;
  • Earlobe correction, correction after laceration;
  • Ingrown toenail / fingernail excision;
  • Surgical correction of skin defects after trauma or surgery;
  • Post-operative wound dressings;
  • Removal of surgical sutures.

Surgical operations are performed under local anaesthesia and last from 1 to 2 hours.


G. Pošiūnas, prof. Rytis Rimdeika, J. Ravinskas, M. Kaupienė, D. Geležauskas, B. Jonuška, K. Barštys, N. Savickaja.