Laser medicine

The Pošiusunas Clinic uses new and only certified laser and medical equipment from renowned manufacturers.

Posiunas clinic was established in 2015 by Gintas Posiunas, MD, who has many years of experience in surgery and laser medicine. A Professional team, new technologies and methods, constant training in order to achieve the best results- only a few advantages of the clinic.


Specialist consultations

The Pošiusunas Clinic offers health consultations with paediatric surgeons, dermatologists, a paediatric pulmonologist, plastic reconstructive surgeons, a vascular surgeon, an onco-surgeon, paediatric physicians, and other health care professionals. The duration of a routine consultation is 30 minutes.

During the visit, you will be assessed, receive detailed information about your condition and the treatment you are receiving. The clinic’s specialists focus not only on overcoming illness, but also on prevention, so you will receive a lot of useful information on how to stay healthy.

The therapeutic nutrition therapist will help you to understand your body as a whole, together with the root causes of your health problems, and will provide you with a lot of information and nutritional therapy to help you to solve certain health problems. The duration of the initial consultation is between 1 and 1.5 hours.

  • Consultation with a paediatric surgeon
  • Consultation with an onco-surgeon
  • Consultation with a plastic reconstructive surgeon
  • Dermatovenerologist consultation
  • Consultation of a paediatrician
  • Consultation of a paediatric pulmonologist
  • Consultation of vascular surgeon
  • Consultation of a specialist in therapeutic nutrition therapy

Thanks to laser medicine, today it is possible to solve a huge number of health problems and perform complex operations. The doctors at the clinic have many years of experience in laser medicine, so…

A dermatovenereologist provides advice on skin and skin-related issues. He performs dermatoscopy, comprehensive skin and laboratory tests.

After a consultation with a dermatovenereologist and an accurate diagnosis, the clinic carries out laser treatment on problem areas of the skin.

If the condition of the skin or other existing, new symptoms do not pose a health risk, the most common reason…

The clinic performs small surgeries when a skin lesion or scar cannot be removed by laser. The lesions are then removed surgically.

Functional medicine is a personalised, patient-centred, evidence-based approach that enables the practitioner and the patient to work…

Contact information

I-V: 10:00 – 20:00
VI-VII: closed

Company details

JSC „Pošiūno klinika“

Company code: 303575646

VAT code: LT100009191214

Bank acc. no.: LT 10 7044 0600 0801 0954

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