Kestutis Barstys, MD

Kestutis Barstys is a general surgeon, oncologist. More than 25 years of experience in surgery, skin surgery, laser surgery.
1994 graduated from Kaunas Academy of Medicine, diploma of medical doctor.

Work experience: Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Clinics, Vilnius Emergency Hospital, Red Cross Hospital, Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, Vilnius St Jacob’s Hospital.
From 1997 Lithuanian Oncology Center: Head and Neck Surgery Department, oncologist-surgeon.
From 2007 Consulting polyclinic of the Institute of Oncology, Vilnius University. Skin oncologist – surgeon.

Internship: work with MedArt medical CO2 laser in dermatology. Dr. Johannes Lang (Germany).

At our clinic performs: diagnostics of moles, malignant skin structures, laser and surgical removal of skin lesions (pigmented lesions, keratomas, etc.) and other surgical operations (cysts, lipomas, granulomas, etc.).

Kestutis Barstys, MD

Surgeon, MD