Indre Saferiene, MD

Indre Saferiene, MD, dermatologist, member of Lithuanian Association of Dermatovenerologists, European Academy of Dermatologists, International Master Course on Aging Science. Specializes in the combination of facial contouring and wrinkle correction techniques with hyaluronic filler injections, ablative and firming lasers, performs dermatoscopy and laser and surgical removal of pigmented and vascular lesions.

Every year she performs an internship at the international courses of the IMCAS Academy, participates and presents at the Lithuanian and European congresses of aesthetic and pediatric dermatology.Member of the Board of the Lithuanian Society of Dermatovenereologists, co-author of the textbook “Pediatric Practice Guide”.

Internships in Stockholm (Sweden), Berlin (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), Kiev (Ukraine), Copenhagen (Denmark), Madrid (Spain), Paris (France).

Over 7 years of experience in dermatology, esthetic dermatology and laser medicine.

At our clinic she consults patients and treats skin diseases, performs aesthetics laser procedures.

Indre Saferiene, MD

Dermatologist, MD